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The mission of Hopkins Marine Station’s Marine Life Observatory is to generate and make available consistent long-term data, building the necessary foundation for establishing a scientific baseline on which to evaluate the ecological health of the local marine ecosystem.

Observing Change

Fishing off the shore of Hopkins Marine Station

The Marine Life Observatory supports research on the nearshore and intertidal zones surrounding the Marine Station. The primary research goals are (1) the capture, analysis, and continuation of long-term data sets begun up to a century ago, and (2) new initiatives aimed at consistent monitoring and evaluation of diversity and abundance – from microbes to large animals – along with quantification of important ecological processes.

On this website, current projects on living organisms are described in the Biology pages. Physical Parameters pages describe monitoring of the sea temperatures, wave heights, and weather conditions that affect all life in Monterey Bay. Life is change, and Monterey Bay has changed a great deal since Hopkins opened its doors in 1892; the Publications pages list observations already documented. Finally, none of this work happens without the People who do the work, analyze the results, and apply what is learned to helping our waters stay productive, healthy, and beautiful.

Harbor seal and pupBllue Heron

A visual map of the study sites.