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        Surrounding Waters Publications [As PDF 74KB, with abstracts PDF 959KB]   

The following is a chronological list of peer-reviewed publications related to scientific research conducted within the waters of Southern Monterey Bay, Carmel Bay and Big Sur.

(2008) Ecological signatures of anthropogenically altered tidal exchange in estuarine ecosystems. A. F. Ritter, K. Wasson, S. I. Lonhart, R. K. Preisler, A. Woolfolk, K. A. Griffith, S. Connors and K. W. Heiman.
Estuaries and Coasts 31 (3): 554-571

(2008) A robotic molecular method for in situ detection of marine invertebrate larvae. W. J. Jones, C. M. Preston, R. Marin, C. A. Scholin and R. C. Vrijenhoek.
Molecular Ecology Resources 8 (3): 540-550

(2008) Non-native habitat as home for non-native species: comparison of communities associated with invasive tubeworm and native oyster reefs. K. W. Heiman, N. Vidargas and F. Micheli.
Aquatic Biology 2 (1): 47-56

(2008) Distribution of DDT and other persistent organic contaminants in Canyons and on the continental shelf off the central California coast. S. I. Hartwell.
Marine Environmental Research 65 (3): 199-217

(2008) Sources of invasions of a northeastern Pacific acorn barnacle, Balanus glandula, in Japan and Argentina. J. Geller, E. E. Sotka, R. Kado, S. R. Palumbi and E. Schwindt.
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 358: 211-218

(2008) Total mercury body burden in Pacific harbor seal, Phoca vitulina richardii, pups from central California. T. J. Brookens, T. M. O'Hara, R. J. Taylor, G. R. Bratton and J. T. Harvey.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 56 (1): 27-41

(2008) Distribution and community structure of ichthyoplankton from the northern and central California Current in May 2004-06. T. D. Auth.
Fisheries Oceanography 17 (4): 316-331

(2007) Local diurnal upwelling driven by sea breezes in northern Monterey Bay. C. B. Woodson, D. I. Eerkes-Medrano, A. Flores-Morales, M. M. Foley, S. K. Henkel, M. Hessing-Lewis, D. Jacinto, L. Needles, M. T. Nishizaki, J. O'Leary, C. E. Ostrander, M. Pespeni, K. B. Schwager, J. A. Tyburczy, K. A. Weersing, A. R. Kirincich, J. A. Barth, M. A. McManus and L. Washburn.
Continental Shelf Research 27 (18): 2289-2302

(2007) Spatial and temporal variability in oceanographic and meteorologic forcing along Central California and its implications on nearshore processes. D. K. Wingfield and C. D. Storlazzi.
Journal of Marine Systems 68 (3-4): 457-472

(2007) Trampling in the rocky intertidal of central California: a follow-up study. L. C. Van De Werfhorst and J. S. Pearse.
Bulletin of Marine Science 81 (2): 245-254

(2007) Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) - seabird covariation off central California and possible forecasting applications. J. E. Roth, K. L. Mills and W. J. Sydeman.
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 64 (8): 1080-1090

(2007) Food habits of the longnose skate, Raja rhina (Jordan and Gilbert, 1880), in central California waters. H. J. Robinson, G. M. Cailliet and D. A. Ebert.
Environmental Biology of Fishes 80 (2-3): 165-179

(2007) Food habits of the sandpaper skate, Bathyraja kincaidii (Garman, 1908) off central California: seasonal variation in diet linked to oceanographic conditions. C. S. Rinewalt, D. A. Ebert and G. M. Cailliet.
Environmental Biology of Fishes 80 (2-3): 147-163

(2007) Comparisons of the coastal distributions and abundances of juvenile Pacific salmon from central California to the northern Gulf of Alaska. J. Fisher, M. Trudel, A. Ammann, J. A. Orsi, J. Piccolo, C. Bucher, E. Casillas, J. A. Harding, R. B. Macfarlane, R. D. Brodeur, J. F. T. Morris and D. W. Welch.
American Fisheries Society Symposium 57: 31-80

(2006) Local survival of marbled murrelets in Central California: Roles of oceanographic processes, sex, and radiotagging. M. Z. Peery, S. R. Beissinger, E. Burkett and S. H. Newman.
Journal of Wildlife Management 70 (1): 78-88

(2006) Heterosigma akashiwo in central California waters. C. O'Halloran, M. W. Silver, T. R. Holman and C. A. Scholin.
Harmful Algae 5 (2): 124-132

(2006) Salmon, wildlife, and wine: marine-derived nutrients in human-dominated ecosystems of central California. J. E. Merz and P. B. Moyle.
Ecological Applications 16 (3): 999-1009

(2006) Larval settlement can explain the adult distribution of Mytilus californianus Conrad but not of M. galloprovincialis Lamarck or M. trossulus Gould in Moss Landing, central California: evidence from genetic identification of spat. S. B. Johnson and J. B. Geller.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 328 (1): 136-145

(2006) Potential prey resources for marbled murrelets in central California. L. A. Henkel and J. T. Harvey.
California Fish and Game 92 (4): 191-206

(2006) Temporal recruitment patterns and gene flow in kelp rockfish (Sebastes atrovirens). E. A. Gilbert-Horvath, R. J. Larson and J. C. Garza.
Molecular Ecology 15 (12): 3801-3815

(2006) Top-down vs. bottom-up effects in kelp forests. M. S. Foster, M. S. Edwards, D. C. Reed, D. R. Schiel and R. C. Zimmerman.
Science 313 (5794): 1737-1738

(2006) Temperature sensitivities of cytosolic malate dehydrogenases from native and invasive species of marine mussels (genus Mytilus): sequence-function linkages and correlations with biogeographic distribution. P. A. Fields, E. L. Rudomin and G. N. Somero.
Journal of Experimental Biology 209 (4): 656-667

(2006) Genetic structure of black abalone (Haliotis cracherodii) populations in the California islands and central California coast: impacts of larval dispersal and decimation from withering syndrome. M. D. Chambers, G. R. VanBlaricom, L. Hauser, F. Utter and C. S. Friedman.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 331 (2): 173-185

(2006) Comparison of feeding guild structure and ecomorphology of intertidal fish assemblages from central California and central Chile. K. S. Boyle and M. H. Horn.
Marine Ecology Progress Series 319: 65-84

(2005) Habitat differences in marine invasions of central california. K. Wasson, K. Fenn and J. S. Pearse.
Biological Invasions 7 (6): 935-948

(2005) Historical ecology of a central California estuary: 150 years of habitat change. E. Van Dyke and K. Wasson.
Estuaries 28 (2): 173-189

(2005) Detecting long-term change in complex communities: A case study from the rocky intertidal zone. J. R. Steinbeck, D. R. Schiel and M. S. Foster.
Ecological Applications 15 (5): 1813-1832

(2005) Pigment variability in larval Sebastes jordani off central California. K. M. Sakuma, C. A. Taylor and W. Watson.
Journal of Fish Biology 67 (2): 510-520

(2005) Population biology of the intertidal kelp, Alaria marginata Postels and Ruprecht: A non-fugitive annual. L. A. McConnico and M. S. Foster.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 324 (1): 61-75

(2005) Abundance and distribution of California sea lions (Zalophus califomianus) in central and northern California during 1998 and summer 1999. M. S. Lowry and K. A. Forney.
Fishery Bulletin 103 (2): 331-343

(2005) A decade of live California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) strandings along the central California coast: causes and trends, 1991-2000. D. J. Greig, F. M. D. Gulland and C. Kreuder.
Aquatic Mammals 31 (1): 11-22

(2005) Diving behavior of the Pacific harbor seal (Phoca vitulina richardii) in Monterey Bay, California. T. Eguchi and J. T. Harvey.
Marine Mammal Science 21 (2): 283-295

(2005) Polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins, and furans in weaned, free-ranging northern elephant seal pups from central California, USA. C. Debier, B. J. Le Boeuf, M. G. Ikonomou, T. de Tillesse, Y. Larondelle and P. S. Ross.
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 24 (3): 629-633

(2005) Causes of live strandings of northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris) and Pacific harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) along the central California coast, 1992-2001. K. M. Colegrove, D. J. Greig and F. M. D. Gulland.
Aquatic Mammals 31 (1): 1-10

(2005) Manganese and iron distributions off central California influenced by upwelling and shelf width. Z. Chase, K. S. Johnson, V. A. Elrod, J. N. Plant, S. E. Fitzwater, L. Pickell and C. M. Sakamoto.
Marine Chemistry 95 (3-4): 235-254

(2004) Ten years of induced ocean warming causes comprehensive changes in marine benthic communities. D. R. Schiel, J. R. Steinbeck and M. S. Foster.
Ecology 85 (7): 1833-1839

(2004) Dietary reconstruction of an early to middle Holocene human population from the central California coast: insights from advanced stable isotope mixing models. S. D. Newsome, D. L. Phillips, B. J. Culleton, T. P. Guilderson and P. L. Koch.
Journal of Archaeological Science 31 (8): 1101-1115

(2004) Distribution of DDT in sediments off the central California coast. S. I. Hartwell.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 49 (4): 299-305

(2003) Do commercial fishers aggregate around marine reserves? Evidence from Big Creek Marine Ecological Reserve, Central California. C. Wilcox and C. Pomeroy.
North American Journal of Fisheries Management 23 (1): 241-250

(2003) Composition, distribution, and abundance of deep-water (> 30 m) macroalgae in central California. H. Spalding, M. S. Foster and J. N. Heine.
Journal of Phycology 39 (2): 273-284

(2003) Influence of water column stratification on the depth distributions of pelagic juvenile rockfishes off central California. J. R. M. Ross and K. Larson.
California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports 44: 65-75

(2003) Linking nitrogen dynamics to climate variability off central California: a 51 year record based on N-15/N-14 in CalCOFI zooplankton. G. H. Rau, M. D. Ohman and A. Pierrot-Bults.
Deep-Sea Research Part Ii-Topical Studies in Oceanography 50 (14-16): 2431-2447

(2003) Helminth parasites of the southern sea otter Enhydra lutris nereis in central California: Abundance, distribution and pathology. K. A. Mayer, M. D. Dailey and M. A. Miller.
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 53 (1): 77-88

(2003) Variability in the spawning habitat of Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax) off southern and central California. R. J. Lynn.
Fisheries Oceanography 12 (6): 541-553

(2003) Age and growth of blue rockfish (Sebastes mystinus) from central and northern California. T. E. Laidig, D. E. Pearson and L. L. Sinclair.
Fishery Bulletin (Seattle) 101 (4): 800-808

(2003) Ambient toxicity due to chlorpyrifos and diazinon in a central California coastal watershed. J. W. Hunt, B. S. Anderson, B. M. Phillips, P. N. Nicely, R. S. Tjeerdema, H. M. Puckett, M. Stephenson, K. Worcester and V. De Vlaming.
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 82 (1): 83-112

(2003) An unusual marine outfall off central California, USA. J. R. Dale, R. A. Grace and M. J. Little.
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Water and Maritime Engineering 156 (3): 285-289

(2003) The 1986 Apex Houston oil spill in central California: seabird injury assessments and litigation process. H. R. Carter, V. A. Lee, G. W. Page, M. W. Parker, R. G. Ford, G. Swartzman, S. W. Kress, B. R. Siskin, S. W. Singer and D. M. Fry.
Marine Ornithology 31 (1): 9-19

(2002) Biological and chemical consequences of the 1997-1998 El Nino in central California waters. F. P. Chavez, J. T. Pennington, C. G. Castro, J. P. Ryan, R. P. Michisaki, B. Schlining, P. Walz, K. R. Buck, A. McFadyen and C. A. Collins.
Progress in Oceanography 54 (1-4): 205-232

(2002) Isotopic tracking of prehistoric pinniped forging and distribution along the central California coast: Preliminary results. R. K. Burton, D. Gifford-Gonzalez, J. J. Snodgrass and P. L. Koch.
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 12 (1): 4-11

(2001) New range records of 12 marine invertebrates: The role of El Nino and other mechanisms in southern and central California. S. I. Lonhart and J. W. Tupen.
Bulletin Southern California Academy of Sciences 100 (3): 238-248

(2001) An unusual marine outfall off central California, USA. R. A. Grace.
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Water and Maritime Engineering 148 (3): 133-141

(2001) Spatial variation in kelp forest communities along the Big Sur coast of central California, USA. M. S. Foster and G. R. Vanblaricom.
Cryptogamie Algologie 22 (2): 173-186

(2000) Comparative Impacts of the 1982-83 and 1997-98 El Nino Winters on the Central California Coast. C. D. W. Storlazzi, C.M. Griggs, G.B.
Journal of Coastal Research 16 (4): 1022-1036.

(2000) Mortality of sea lions along the central California coast linked to a toxic diatom bloom. C. A. Scholin, F. Gulland, G. J. Doucette, S. Benson, M. Busman, F. P. Chavez, J. Cordaro, R. DeLong, A. De Vogelaere, J. Harvey, M. Haulena, K. Lefebvre, T. Lipscomb, S. Loscutoff, L. J. Lowenstine, R. Marin, III, P. E. Miller, W. A. McLellan, P. D. R. Moeller, C. L. Powell, T. Rowles, P. Silvagni, M. Silver, T. Spraker, V. Trainer and F. M. Van Dolah.
Nature (London) 403 (6765): 80-84

(2000) Assessment of the Carmel Bay spot prawn, Pandalus platyceros, resource and trap fishery adjacent to an ecological reserve in central California. K. L. Schlining and J. D. Spratt.
Crustacean Issues 12: 751-762

(2000) Population genetics of black abalone, Haliotis cracherodii, along the central California coast. D. E. Hamm and R. S. Burton.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 254 (2): 235-247

(2000) The role of alternate life-history stages of a marine macroalga: A seed bank analogue? M. S. Edwards.
Ecology 81 (9): 2404-2415

(2000) Continuous, underway sampling of eggs of Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax) and northern anchovy (Engraulis mordax) in spring 1996 and 1997 off southern and central California. D. M. Checkley, Jr., R. C. Dotson and D. A. Griffith.
Deep-Sea Research Part II Topical Studies in Oceanography 47 (5-6): 1139-1155

(1999) Pinniped population dynamics in central California: correlations with sea surface temperature and upwelling indices. W. J. Sydeman and S. G. Allen.
Marine Mammal Science 15 (2): 446-461

(1999) Diver disturbance in kelp forests. T. N. Schaeffer, M. S. Foster, M. E. Landrau and R. K. Walder.
California Fish and Game 85 (4): 170-176

(1999) Diel vertical distribution of postflexion larval Citharichthys spp. and Sebastes spp. off central California. K. M. Sakuma, S. Ralston and D. A. Roberts.
Fisheries Oceanography 8 (1): 68-76

(1999) Biological aspects of nearshore rockfishes of the genus Sebastes from central California with notes on ecological related sport fishes. R. N. Lea, R. D. McAllister and D. A. VenTresca.
California Department of Fish and Game Fish Bulletin 177: 1-107

(1999) Human-related injuries observed in live stranded pinnipeds along the central California coast 1986-1998. T. Goldstein, S. P. Johnson, A. V. Phillips, K. D. Hanni, D. A. Fauquier and F. M. D. Gulland.
Aquatic Mammals 25 (1): 43-51

(1999) Techniques for determination of trace metals in small samples of size-fractionated particulate matter: phytoplankton metals off central California. J. T. Cullen and R. M. Sherrell.
Marine Chemistry 67 (3-4): 233-247

(1998) Trace metals in seabirds, Steller sea lion, and forage fish and zooplankton from central California. W. J. Sydeman and W. M. Jarman.
Marine Pollution Bulletin 36 (10): 828-832

(1998) Spatial and temporal dynamics in marine aggregate abundance, sinking rate and flux: Monterey Bay, central California. C. H. Pilskaln, C. Lehmann, J. B. Paduan and M. W. Silver.
Deep-Sea Research Part Ii-Topical Studies in Oceanography 45 (8-9): 1803-1837

(1998) Evidence for long-range transport of a low to medium molecular-weight petroleum product off central California, USA. C. Phillips, J. Clayton, J. Evans and W. Hom.
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 17 (9): 1662-1672

(1998) Identification of microsatellites in the California red abalone, Haliotis rufescens. V. L. Kirby, R. Villa and D. A. Powers.
Journal of Shellfish Research 17 (3): 801-804

(1998) Organic enrichment of submarine-canyon and continental-shelf benthic communities by macroalgal drift imported from nearshore kelp forests. C. Harrold, K. Light and S. Lisin.
Limnology and Oceanography 43 (4): 669-678

(1998) Temporal variability in currents and the benthic boundary layer at an abyssal station off central California. S. Beaulieu and R. Baldwin.
Deep-Sea Research Part Ii-Topical Studies in Oceanography 45 (4-5): 587-+

(1997) Trophic relationships among seabirds in central California: combined stable isotope and conventional dietary approach. W. J. Sydeman, K. A. Hobson, P. Pyle and E. B. McLaren.
Condor 99 (2): 327-336

(1997) Moored observations of the current and temperature structure over the continental slope off central California 1. A basic description of the variability. S. R. Ramp, L. K. Rosenfeld, T. D. Tisch and M. R. Hicks.
Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans 102 (C10): 22877-22902

(1997) Nematode (Otostrongylus circumlitus) infestation of northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris) stranded along the central California coast. F. M. D. Gulland, K. Beckmen, K. Burek, L. Lowenstine, L. Werner, T. Spraker, M. Dailey and E. Harris.
Marine Mammal Science 13 (3): 446-459

(1997) Factors determining the upper limit of giant kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera Agardh, along the Monterey Peninsula, central California, USA. M. H. Graham.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 218 (1): 127-149

(1997) Evidence for multiple maternal contributors in nests of kelp greenling (Hexagrammos decagrammus, Hexagrammidae). K. D. Crow, D. A. Powers and G. Bernardi.
Copeia (1): 9-15

(1997) At-sea density monitoring of marbled murrelets in central California: methodological considerations. B. H. Becker, S. R. Beissinger and H. R. Carter.
Condor 99 (3): 743-755

(1996) Nearshore assemblages of larval rockfishes and their physical environment off central California during an extended El Nino event, 1991-1993. M. M. Yoklavich, V. J. Loeb, M. Nishimoto and B. Daly.
Fishery Bulletin (Seattle) 94 (4): 766-782

(1996) Carbon export and regeneration in the coastal upwelling system of Monterey Bay, central California. C. H. Pilskaln, J. B. Paduan, F. P. Chavez, R. Y. Anderson and W. M. Berelson.
Journal of Marine Research 54 (6): 1149-1178

(1996) Leptospirosis in California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) stranded along the central California coast, 1981-1994. F. M. D. Gulland, M. Koski, L. J. Lowenstine, A. Colagross, L. Morgan and T. Spraker.
Journal of Wildlife Diseases 32 (4): 572-580

(1996) Effect of high irradiance on recruitment of the giant kelp Macrocystis (Phaeophyta) in shallow water. M. H. Graham.
Journal of Phycology 32 (6): 903-906

(1996) Coccidioidomycosis in free-living California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) in central California. D. A. Fauquier, F. M. D. Gulland, J. G. Trupkiewicz, T. R. Spraker and L. J. Lowenstine.
Journal of Wildlife Diseases 32 (4): 707-710

(1996) Recent declines of black abalone Haliotis cracherodii on the mainland coast of central California. J. M. Altstatt, R. F. Ambrose, J. M. Engle, P. L. Haaker, K. D. Lafferty and P. T. Raimondi.
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 142 (1-3): 185-192

(1995) Distributional patterns of late larval groundfish off central California in relation to hydrographic features during 1992 and 1993. K. M. Sakuma and S. Ralston.
California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports 36: 179-192

(1995) Distribution of pelagic metamorphic-stage sanddabs Citharichthys sordidus and C. stigmaeus within areas of upwelling off central California. K. M. Sakuma and R. J. Larson.
U S National Marine Fisheries Service Fishery Bulletin 93 (3): 516-529

(1995) Explorations of El Nino events and associated biological population dynamics off central California. W. H. Lenarz, D. A. Ventresca, W. M. Graham, F. B. Schwing and F. Chavez.
California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports 36: 106-119

(1995) Breeding Experiments Confirm Species Status of 2 Morphologically Similar Gastropods (Lacuna Spp) in Central California. K. M. Langan-Cranford and J. S. Pearse.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 186 (1): 17-31

(1995) The marine recreational fishery in northern and central California. A historical comparison (1958-86), status of stocks (1980-86), and effects of changes in the California current. K. A. Karpov, D. P. Albin and W. H. Van Buskirk.
California Department of Fish and Game Fish Bulletin 176: 1-192

(1995) Spread and potential impact of the recently introduced European green crab, Carcinus maenas, in central California. E. D. Grosholz and G. M. Ruiz.
Marine Biology (Berlin) 122 (2): 239-247

(1995) Prehistoric Native-American Fisheries of the Central California Coast. K. W. Gobalet and T. L. Jones.
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 124 (6): 813-823

(1995) Offshore occurrence patterns of marbled murrelets in central California. D. G. Ainley, S. G. Allen and L. B. Spear.
U S Forest Service General Technical Report PSW 152: 361-369

(1994) Relationship between sea otter range expansion and red abalone abundance and size distribution in central California. F. Wendell.
California Fish and Game 80 (2): 45-56

(1994) Descriptions of the Larvae of Tetraclita-Rubescens and Megabalanus-Californicus with a Comparison of the Common Barnacle Larvae of the Central California Coast. K. M. Miller and J. Roughgarden.
Journal of Crustacean Biology 14 (3): 579-600

(1994) The distribution of pelagic juvenile rockfish of the genus Sebastes in the upwelling region off central California. R. J. Larson, W. H. Lenarz and S. Ralston.
California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports 35: 175-221

(1994) Missionization among the Coastal Chumash of Central California - a Study of Risk Minimization Strategies. D. O. Larson, J. R. Johnson and J. C. Michaelsen.
American Anthropologist 96 (2): 263-299

(1993) Age-Related Patterns of Metabolism and Biomass in Subterranean Tissues of Zostera-Marina (Eelgrass). G. P. Kraemer and R. S. Alberte.
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 95 (1-2): 193-203

(1993) Demography and Morphology of the Geniculate Coralline, Bossiella-Californica Ssp Schmittii (Corallinales, Rhodophyta), in a Central California Kelp Forest. B. Konar.
Phycologia 32 (4): 284-290

(1993) Additional Archaeological Evidence for Endemic Fishes of California Central Valley in the Coastal Pajaro-Salinas Basin. K. W. Gobalet.
Southwestern Naturalist 38 (3): 218-223

(1993) Findings in pinnipeds stranded along the central and northern California coast, 1984-1990. J. A. Gerber, J. Roletto, L. E. Morgan, D. M. Smith and L. J. Gage.
Journal of Wildlife Diseases 29 (3): 423-433

(1993) Lunar Control of Epitokal Swarming in the Polychaete Platynereis-Bicanaliculata (Baird) from Central California. P. P. Fong.
Bulletin of Marine Science 52 (3): 911-924

(1993) Oceanic Factors Influencing Distribution of Young Rockfish (Sebastes) in Central California - a Predators Perspective. D. G. Ainley, W. J. Sydeman, R. H. Parrish and W. H. Lenarz.
California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports 34: 133-139

(1992) Investigations into a mortality among populations of the California black abalone, Haliotis cracherodii, on the central coast of California, USA. J. R. Steinbeck, J. M. Groff, C. S. Friedman, T. McDowell, R. P. Hedrick, S. A. Shepherd, M. J. Tegner and S. A. Guzman del Proo.
Abalone of the world. Biology, fisheries and culture. Proceedings of the 1st international symposium on abalone.: 203-213

(1992) Carbon Fluxes and Burial Rates over the Continental Slope and Rise Off Central California with Implications for the Global Carbon Cycle. C. E. Reuners, R. A. Jahnke and D. C. McCorkle.
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 6 (2): 199-224

(1992) Interannual variation and overlap in the diets of pelagic juvenile rockfish (Genus: Sebastes) off central California. C. A. Reilly, T. W. Echeverria and S. Ralston.
U S National Marine Fisheries Service Fishery Bulletin 90 (3): 505-515

(1992) Population dynamics of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus in a central California kelp forest: recruitment, mortality, growth, and diet. M. C. Kenner.
Marine Biology (Berlin) 112 (1): 107-118

(1992) Inland utilization of marine fishes by native Americans along the central California coast. K. W. Gobalet.
Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology 14 (1): 72-84

(1992) Photoperiodic Regulation of Parturition in the Self-Fertilizing Viviparous Polychaete Neanthes-Limnicola from Central California. P. P. Fong and J. S. Pearse.
Marine Biology 112 (1): 81-89

(1992) Characterization of Disjunct Populations of Zostera-Marina (Eelgrass) from California - Genetic-Differences Resolved by Restriction-Fragment-Length-Polymorphisms. S. R. Fain, A. Detomaso and R. S. Alberte.
Marine Biology 112 (4): 683-689

(1991) Interannual variation in growth rates and back-calculated birthdate distributions of pelagic juvenile rockfishes (Sebastes spp.) off the central California coast. D. Woodbury and S. Ralston.
U S Fish and Wildlife Service Fishery Bulletin 89 (3): 523-533

(1991) Destructive Grazing by Sea-Urchins Strongylocentrotus-Spp in a Central California Kelp Forest - Potential Roles of Recruitment, Depth, and Predation. J. M. Watanabe and C. Harrold.
Marine Ecology-Progress Series 71 (2): 125-141

(1991) Choanoflagellates of the central California waters: taxonomy, morphology and species assemblages. H. A. Thomsen, K. R. Buck and F. P. Chavez.
Ophelia 33 (2): 131-164

(1991) Mesoscale Oceanic Response to Wind Events Off Central California in Spring 1989 - Ctd Surveys and Avhrr Imagery. F. B. Schwing, D. M. Husby, N. Garfield and D. E. Tracy.
California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports 32: 47-62

(1991) Size at first reproduction of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus in a central California kelp forest. M. C. Kenner and M. T. Lares.
Marine Ecology Progress Series 76 (3): 303-306

(1991) Seasonal occurrence and abundance of brachyuran larvae in a coastal embayment of central California. P. W. Hsueh.
Journal of Crustacean Biology 11 (4): 546-552

(1991) Notes on the Distribution and Morphology of the Rubynose Brotula (Cataetyx-Rubrirostris) Off Central California. M. A. Gibbs.
California Fish and Game 77 (3): 149-152

(1991) Point Vs Photo Quadrat Estimates of the Cover of Sessile Marine Organisms. M. S. Foster, C. Harrold and D. D. Hardin.
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