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Biological (I = intertidal, S = subtidal)
  Description I/S Contact Location Interval Availability
  Red Abalones H. rufescens S Micheli/Watanabe 100 m buoy yearly Plot: 1972-2004
  Black Abalones H. cracherodii I        
  Barnacles B. glandula recruitment I Palumbi HMLR weekly 2008-2011 bar graph
  Ochre Sea Star I Pearse HMLR yearly 1950-2010 plot
Benthic Community Monitoring
S Watanabe Permanent Plot biannual Map w/t0 photos (2011)
  Marine Mammals Observations   Pearse HMLR beaches daily Plot w/30d averages
  Chlorophyll A - fluorometer data I K. Nielson SSU, Palumbi HMLR 15 min Chl a plot (2008-2010)
Bird Rock Weather Station Denny   10 min  
West Beach Weather Station Denny   10 min current & 24 hr online
Wave and Temperature Gauge Denny Permanent Plot ? 1997-2009
Sea Surface Temperature HMS caretaker Agassiz beach daily 1/20/1919 to 3/1/2012
  Water Current Velocities (ADCP) Monosmith/Micheli/Denny Kelp Forest Array 5 min NA yet
  Water Column Temperature/DO Monosmith/Micheli/Denny Kelp Forest Array 5 min NA yet
Climate Change
  Upper Limit of Endocladia photo series Hunt, Watanabe Bird Rock   dissertation
  Climate Change in Intertidal Community Sagarin Hewatt transect   1930, 1990 PDF

Reference: SeaNET guide: invertebrates, fishes, seaweeds in the Central California/Monterey Bay by James Watanabe

Partner Institutions

Biological Physical
REEFCHECK: Subtidal Surveys (fish, invert, algae) SIO: CDIP Buoy for Wave Energy, Direction, SST
PISCO: kelp forest monitoring CenCOOS Ocean Observing System