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        Reef Check

Reef CheckReef Check is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and rehabilitation reefs worldwide. Reef Check works to create partnerships among community volunteers, government agencies, businesses, universities and other non-profits.

Reef Check goals are to:

  • educate the public about the value of reef ecosystems and the current crisis affecting marine life
  • to create a global network of volunteer teams trained in Reef Check's scientific methods who regularly monitor and report on reef health
  • to facilitate collaboration that produces ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions
  • to stimulate local community action to protect remaining pristine reefs and rehabilitate damaged reefs worldwide.

Reef Check California aim is to build a network of informed and involved citizens who support the sustainable use and conservation of nearshore marine resources. To accomplish this, Reef Check trains volunteers to conduct surveys of nearshore reefs and collect data on the status of key indicator species. The Reef Check California monitoring program has been designed to assess the relative abundance and size distribution of target species. Such monitoring will permit the evaluation of population and community attributes at sites inside and outside of existing and proposed Marine Protected Areas and will provide insight into how different sites respond to newly imposed management measures.

One of the many nearshore reefs that the Reef Check program monitors is within the Hopkins Marine Life Refuge, which is now a part of the Lovers Point State Marine Reserve. The program has conducted annual transect surveys of this site since 2006. To view the species abundances the divers of the Reef Check California monitoring program have observed within the Hopkins Marine Life Refuge following the link below:

Species Abundances within Hopkins Marine Life Refuge