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        Salinity 1919-1964

The Pacific Grove station was operated by the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University from 1919 until it was discontinued in 1975. Surface salinity samples were collected approximately daily from a beach on the north side of Point Cabrillo just north of Hopkins' main laboratory buildings. This location is exposed to the northwest swell as it sweeps past Point Pinos, so is representative of coastal conditions.

Salinity was determined by the standard hydrometric method until May 1955, by a Knudsen titration through July 1962, and from August 1962-1975 by induction salinometry. The smoothed data suggest that method changes have not affected long-term salinity trends at Pacific Grove.

Reference: Fox, J. P., T. R. Mongan, and W. J. Miller. 1991. Long term annual and seasonal trends and surface salinity of San Francisco Bay. Journal of Hydrology 122:93- 117. PDF 1.3MB

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